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HELLO I am Samantha!

Play Glam was founded in 2016 by Samantha Michele , a Las Vegas native and young entrepreneur. Being ambitious and having jobs since she was 16, she has had her hands in a little bit of everything. From a model and spokes model to retail; to a hostess and then to spending two years in college pursuing a business marketing degree, she has a wide range of substantial knowledge and experience. After realizing the college path wasn't for her, she pursued her passion and enrolled in beauty school. While in school to become a licensed esthetician, she fell in love with the beauty industry; makeup in particular. Always getting compliments on how she did her own makeup, she decided to share her gift. For two years, she hustled as a freelance artist getting clients off instagram and other online platforms. Realizing the challenge it can be, she created her own platform to connect professional freelance artists to clients. Her goal is to continue to make every woman feel beautiful and to inspire and empower women. And to continue to provide an easy, convenient, and fun way to book beauty services.